Best alternative to Apple Notes

Hi, do you guys know any best alternative to Apple Notes?

I tried standard notes and Joplin but they lack some important features (like handwriting)

I’m using Joplin right now, Its mobile version is just bad compared to Apple Notes.

So do you know any best end-to-end encrypted Apple Notes like app for Android, Linux, Windows and MacOS?

Honestly, if handwriting is important. I do not know if any good note taking app, on IOS.

What I’d advise instead is to enable Advanced Data Protection, and use Apple Notes. It’s not rolled out worldwide yet, but I think (can’t verify) it should be available in the US. Until it’s rolled out in your area, just stick to Joplin.

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You just helped me decide on a New Years Resolution, to become a better writer. Can’t help you with Apple products.
My hand writing is all done in a pocket notebook, a bullet journal scratch pad. The notebook and phone have been every day carry items for a couple years now.
My work flow is more of a circle back around with in multiple systems. Using markdown has been an improvement in my work flow as my notes get edited in multiple systems. I use multiple systems as no one tool does it all.

This comment will be pasted in AmpleNote to become a task. Who knows what tools I will use and what it will become.

I have a pixel with grapheneOS

I don’t use Apple products, I’m just looking for an alternative to Apple Notes. Just take all the features of Apple Notes but make it cross platform, open source and end-to-end encrypted. That’s the app I’m looking for.

I will say Notesnook is the closed to a apple notes alternative

What exact features? As It is impossible to replicate every feature of Apple Notes.

Handwriting is very important

Oh, markup?
Prob theres no e2ee application with that feature.
I think Evernote, Onenote, GoodNotes can do drawing.
Not sure if Joplin does that. Maybe obsidian got a plugin that can add drawing.
If you are solely looking for only handwriting/brainstorming similar to FreeForm I guess you can use something like Excalidraw.

I am very happy with Notesnook!

I found an interesting solution which is called obsidian, I love it.

My plan is to use obsidian + a handwriting app.

But I’m worried about the privacy risks of obsidian? Like is it private?

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From what I heard obsidian is a pretty good private option. (note: it is not open source)
If you choose to use obsidian sync

For your safety, Obsidian Sync encrypts your remote vault and all communication with Obsidian’s servers. Before anyone can access your remote vault, they first need to decrypt it with an encryption password.

Not sure how it compares to apple notes as I don’t use obsidian.

Obsidian is what I planned to migrate my personal notes and jots to. I got deep into using Notion and still use it for database forms and spreadsheet type work. I mention Notion for the time effort I spent. I planned to just jump into obsidian but to get the features I use out of AmpleNote will take some time effort to build out.

Same here.
I spent a lot of time customising and making a complex workflow in notion that I never used.
I ended up using apple notes. No distractions, simple, frictionless and organised.

I personally use Standard Notes on all my devices