Berty Messenger & Wesh Network (Protocol)

In my internet travels I have happened upon the Berty messenger which advertises:


  • 100% anonymous account
  • no email - no phone number


  • end-to-end encryption
  • perfect forward secrecy


  • …and decentralized
  • peer-to-peer network

I do not see any links to audits on their site, and wanted to not only share the discovery but ask if anyone has looked into the messenger or the protocol. Im always interested in “numberless” messenger options.

Thanks in advance!

Links below

It’s pretty complicated to recommend it over more established messengers like Session or SimpleX

Berty has some links with Web3, which I think most peeps here doesn’t want.

It is better to recommend SimpleX since it have E2EE, PFC, decentralization/P2P, no phone number, etc… And even audited!

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