Beginning Your Privacy Journey! (w/ Carey Parker)

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FYI, I’m Carey. :slight_smile: Had a great time chatting w/ @Henry … but you can tell that I’m an audio podcaster, not a video guy.

If you’re interested, here’s my interview of Henry:


Loved the interview, I’ll be listening to your podcast.


Thanks for both interviews and your empathy for people looking to improve their security and privacy!

I hope this forum is not at odds with Henry’s desire to nuke the comments section in an ideal world, but I also know that Discourse is better for moderation than YouTube comments. YouTube is just not a great discussion platform.

Also, it’s interesting to hear about the decoupling of content from a community platform or immediate feedback mechanism in the form of comments.

Didn’t know about Carey Parker’s Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons podcast. I’ll be adding that podcast to my list.


Their website and book are both excellent resources.


Loved this video. I’ll definitely be checking out your podcast Carey.


Wow, I enjoy both Techlore’s content and listening to Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons podcast, but this collaboration somehow slipped under my radar. As both are excellent and informative projects, in my opinion, I am excited about this even more. Many thanks :heart: Scurries off to see both the video and listen to the interview.

Hey gang! Sorry, I’ve been meaning to post more here. Glad you guys enjoyed the video and podcast!!

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Fantastic and informative video. I am going to subscribe to this guy and spend the afternoon bing watching his content.

Thank you for this interview.

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