🔥 Batman in Cybersecurity / Cyber Security ?!

Hypothetically, What Would be the Learning Path / Curriculum of Batman in Cybersecurity? :thinking:

— (“Everything” Would be the Ultimate Answer Lol. But Would Love to see you guys Thoughts! This Could Just Be General Topics / Subjects / Etc. or even Perhaps Would Based Around in Terms of Certifications (Like What Certs / Certificates Would he Potentially be Studying Around)) — (The Order of Things (Learning Path / Curriculum) Would be Great to Mention, Like What would be the First to Learn and then the Next After) :muscle:

----- My Thoughts for General Topics / Subjects / Etc. As Well as Certifications for Batman. At Least, Some that Just Came at the Top of My Head! (In Terms of Certs, However, I’m Kind of Using this Kind of Chart / Diagram / Roadmap as Reference " https://pauljerimy.com/security-certification-roadmap/ ") — (I’m Also New to Learning Cybersecurity to Let you guys Know! :raised_hands:):

:books: General Topics / Subjects / Etc. For Batman (Perhaps safe to Assume Not Just Desktop, but Mobile Devices are Learned as Well):

:scroll: Potential Certs for Batman to Just Study?:

  • CISSP?
  • GIAC / SANS Stuff? (Like GSE, GREM, Etc.?)
  • Comptia Stuff?
  • CEH / CEH Practical
  • OSCE3
  • Etc.

----- Other Details:
— I Only Made this Quickly off the Top of My Head and is Definitely Missing Things and Wasn’t Very Specific, but Let Me Know about What Your Thoughts are! What Would be the Learning Path / Curriculum of Batman in Cybersecurity? :100:
— (I Don’t Know Much about Cybersecurity or Certs or Etc. and so My List was Very Pitiful Lol :joy:)

Thank you guys so very much! :sparkling_heart:

I read this three times and still have no clue what you’re asking. I’m hoping you’re not just asking what Batman would do if he decided to fight cyber crime instead of street crime. If not, could you please rephrase your post?


Does your question mean what Batman( the fictional character) would know in Cybersecurity? Or Batman here refers to being really good with cyber space? Or is it like Crocodile Dundee stated ?

P.S- drop the emojis. We all grown ups here.

You need C Java Assembly knowledge too. Backend programming knowledge is required.

Have not watched this but it was in my RSS feed.