Banking on browser vs app

How much do banking apps track you? I know it might vary from bank to bank. How secure is accessing banks through a browser. Does bookmarking the website prevent phishing attacks/ fake websites?

I don’t think banking apps in general track you beyond standard analytics. They make their money from financial services not ads, the data they care about is based on the transactions you make. They don’t care about the data in your phone, they care about the data they get when you use your credit card.

I only do online banking using a web browser, I don’t think it’s less secure than using an app.

Bookmarks can protect you from some attacks, but opens you to other where the attacker can change the bookmark.

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  • Well , if you have account with a reputed bank ,you have to anyway put a certain degree of trust on them. If there is any service that your bank provides uniquely through their app and it really provides certain benefits to you , you could chose to go for it. For example my bank app offer me the facility of multiple virtual debit cards without paying any extra annual charges for it , so its actually providing me more benefit than they gaining out of that app installation. The bank apps can certainly track you like your interests and usage etc, like any other modern app.

  • Best is you to use a firewall to block those connections , which i personally do , if you feel the services provided by the app are important and beneficial to you.

  • I believe a browser is more secure than using an app , simply because an app/client requires more time for development as it has to be made each platform separately , and then test each of them for vulnerabilities. A browser other on the other hand would already be in constant development by a different set of developers in plugging any vulnerabilities in it. Also more people access the website in general so , the work on website tends to be more proactive than on an App, which may require weeks or months to release any patches.

  • As far as i know bookmarks should prevent any dns poisoning attempts.
    I hope it helps

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I think the others have covered most of what I would’ve mentioned. I just want to add one thing.

Does your bank use MFA? I know at least three banks that primarily use SMS, for this. Though, that changes when you use the app. The app could ask you for your permission for online transactions and even card purchases. This adds a good layer of security. It also keeps your phone network out of the loop of your spending habits.

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Depends on the built in trackers. Check your banking app with εxodus
This should give you some information about the tracking and therefore privacy aspect.