Avoid Triangulation?

Is it possible to avoid Tower Triangulation, Wifi triangulation, local triangulation, network based triangulation, supl by google and GPS tracking. And also is it possible to remove GPS reciever from the smart phone ? Is there any tutorial or doc for that ? Is there any GPS reciever on my laptop ? If yes, Is it possible to remove that too ?

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Disassemble your device remove any antenna and go living in the forest with other animals :slight_smile:

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ahh. I was expecting this kind of answer. But this is not what I want.

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Well if your device is connected or capable of connecting you could be triangulate.
I’m not an expert but your expectations looks really high, what do you want to protect you from ?

There are two ways to do this:

  • Easy way:
    Step 1: Remove battery backing.
    Step 2: Remove battery.
    Step 3: Toss phone into the depth of mount doom.
    Step 4: Enjoy being un-triangulate-able.

  • Hard way:

Forget using your mobile carrier’s plan, keep your phone on airplane mode.

Using an always-on privacy respecting VPN is the best you can do.

Keep all location based services/features off, remove the hardware responsible for the location sharing.

Depends on what phone you have.

TLDR: don’t use a phone

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Faraday cage? You can buy backpacks or pouches that act as one.
Could help to block radio signals when you’re not using them.


Some replies are silly, I really hate it when people coming with serious questions getting silly answers!

That being said…

Cellular towers and / triangulation will always be the case when you have a phone with cellular antenna build in, there is a possibility to remove it (depending on the phone and the motherboard), you could also remove bluetooth and gps antenna/sensors but in the end the product that you would have wouldn’t be a phone anymore.

My suggestion:

In order to retain your phone as a ‘phone’ you can never hack cellular triangulation, its something embedded like your IMEI adres which will always be exposed to your phone service provider and law enforcement. This is also the reason why you don’t need to remove the GPS sensor from your phone, because why removing GPS when your IMEI (which pings the towers) is revealing your location? With triangulation they reveal your location in real good accuracy to the phone service provider.

So my suggestion:

Buy a google pixel phone and flash it with grapheneOS, grapheneOS is able to turn off Wifi and bluetooth scanning + GPS. So the only problem what you’re left with is your cellular connection, there is 1 solution to that:

When you go to a location which is ‘sensitive’ you should use a faraday bag over your phone, that way nobody can track your phone location.


Have you tried any of these out?

ome replies are silly, I really hate it when people coming with serious questions getting silly answers!

Asking to avoiding cellular triangulation on a cellular device is like asking to avoid being tracked on the internet while actually using it.
You can do it, airplane mode, faraday bag, leaving your phone home, etc… but I assumed that this person discover triangulation and got scared and wanting to remove it while keeping an intensive usage. I could have been wrong about that, maybe he need to protect himself against this tracking method but then it’s probably too late.

The faraday bag suggestions above are really your best bet if you want to avoid triangulation and still have a phone. Or just don’t have a phone period if your highest priority is to avoid this.

The average person doesn’t have to worry about being triangulated unless you have some serious threat model imo.

For a less extreme alternative check out Silent Link anonymous eSIM. Seth For Privacy has an episode with them if you want to learn more. Matt Odell of Citadel Dispatch just had a recent podcast with them as well.

Through this method you can still be triangulated, but they just wouldn’t know who you are. They could make probable guesses based on broad location but nothing definitive. Another trade off is you are always roaming so can’t place outgoing calls.


Put your phone into airplane mode and hook it up to a wired network.

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I’ll add that in the case of using a Faraday bag or using other strategies to manage cell tower triangulation that those strategies will work primarily to manage your exposure. If you’re blocking triangulation, you cannot make a phone call. If you want to make a phone call on your cell connection, you are being triangulated so that you can receive cell service.

Depending on your threat model, it may be better to lose the phone and keep necessary communication to a computer you keep on you instead. Sometimes when folks recommend to lose the phone we think that we’re out of ways to communicate, but really there’s no reason you still can’t use a PC. In fact, it may give you more privacy than what you’d have to wrangle out of a phone. It may be the option that you’re trying to turn your phone into.

On GOS especially without google services installed enabling airplane mode and connecting to wifi is the last solution while still allowing to to use your phone. Also porting your phone number to a VoIP provider will allow you to take calls through your wifi connection.

There are apps that show you on a map which cell tower you’re connected to at any given time. Most of the time, you’re connected to a specific tower until you’re on the move again.

I like to find and see the towers I connect to where I live. One of them is hidden inside of a church steeple. You know how your residential internet is connected. Should have the cellular awareness, too.

You might find some peace of mind knowing when you’re connected to a legitimate cell site rather than a stingray. My city had feds scooping up all cellular connections via helicopter during BLM protests.

I also suggest leaving your phone at home sometimes.

The cell towers dont need to know where I sleep. Never stay connected to cell towers over night. Airplane mode and wifi ftw.

I don’t know of a project but what about puting the SIM into a RaspberryPi and always connect in a public wifi through vpn to the Pi and call some one on the Pi. With the phonenumber triangulation only leads to the Pi but if you delete logs the Pi does not know from where you connected. For Ultimate Security make a KillSwitch to destroy the Pi…

If your threat model seriously requires avoiding these sorts of attacks, you need to fundamentally change the tech you’re using. No cell phone with a sim card will do what you’re asking of it.

its pretty useless to remove GPS chip when your normal mobile antenna can triangulate you.