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Tried to set up a burner google account until it gets resolved, but can’t get past the login without a phone number. Anybody got any suggestions on a good work around? Most temp number sites won’t work.

There is a lot of conversations here about setting up Google accounts. I have converted my Google accounts over to an IronVest number, a Mint Mobile number, and a couple MySudo number. I mention converted as I have not created a new account. My Google accounts are all old.

I am going to say get an anonymous pre paid SIM use that number to create an account and then swap over to a cheaper long term option such as mySudo. IMO use the SIM card as long as you can.

My Mint Mobile number which I plan to change the number in 9 months may be used to create a new account for an Alias. Then i will change the recovery number before the expiration.

In the past, I was able to get passed that requirement by making a Google account through YouTube’s sign up process. If anyone wants to give it a shot and report back, that would be cool! Worked for me as three of years ago I think.

That reminds me that once upon a time I bypassed some of Google’s registration requirements by registering through the Google Drive landing page, so that definitely was a thing, although if I recall correctly they unified all their registration pages recently-ish so that they are all the same. Not sure though, definitely interested to hear whether registering through different products still works for anyone.