Aurora Store Has Become Unusable / What to switch to?

Have you experienced the “Aurora outage”? What alternatives to the store have you been using? Should I switch to MicroG?

Over the last month or so Aurora Store has been down more than it has been up (at least for me) - has anyone been able to use it to search for and install apps reliably?

I have tried Accrescent - but there are so few apps on the store it just isnt ready to daily yet. I have F-Droid installed but many apps are not on F-Droid and Aurora has been a game changer in helping have access to so much more.

Im running GrapheneOS, so I guess I could activate the google options in the settings… But Ive not been using google (outside of aurora) for several years now and I dont want to get into the habit again.

With the last update to Aurora store I have experienced less “outages”. Slowly each app I use is being evaluated for updates, not just how to update but when. Previously using F-droid and Aurora I manually check for updates randomly.
The most frequently updated app I use is Signal. I set up an RSS feed for Signal Updates. When Signal needs to be updated I go through and update all my apps. This reduces the random checks for updates.

This reference is not something I would pass off to just anyone but you seem to have some understanding with out a lot of explanation needed. Check out.

Side Of Burritos - YouTube videos on app store alternatives.



According to gitlab page of aurora store, a developer from Calyxos has joined the project along with main developer of aurora store. He was not so active in past few months because of personal life stuffs as he mentioned same somewhere on his gitlab page. So yeah the new Dev is trying to fix existing issues. The search issue has something to do with “rate limits” of accounts as he stated and under process for fixing. You can login to your google account in aurora store to fix search (which is probably pointless). Alternatively, you can search on browser and open with aurora store (I forgot how I set up that) temporarily. But I think we will get fix in upcoming updates.

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Are you talking about setting up default apps opening links, for searching for apps and following links to Aurora?


I believe that there is a risk of getting banned by Google using Aurora Store logged in, probably better to use Google Play store instead.

You can make a throwaway google account for logging in if you go to you can create a Google account without a phone number or email.

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These are all helpful answers thank you. RSS is extremely useful so I will explore setting that up for my existing apps. I will also toggle the open play store link, that would pretty much allow me to bypass the “limited” search problem Ive been having.

Yes exactly. Thanks @Perk1ns

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I just tried to test a google account login into Aurora store, and yeah search was working totally fine. But I immediately logged out and it isn’t banned, at least not yet and it is a spare account for such tests only so I wasn’t much concerned about it being banned. Probably true that it’s a risk using google account with Aurora store and its a bit pointless too because the purpose to use Aurora store is to get access to play store without google account, so I agree that using play store directly is better than using google account in Aurora store.


For me, i always get rate limited.

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Does rate limiting only affect search. I have seen this just not with opening links. I use AmpleNote with Hyperlinks to apps often and i have not seen the rate limit like I do with search.

Yeah, it only inapcted search. Home Page still works tho

the outage problem i never seen but a new one is now the account is rate limited

Check the issue on gitbal page

Yeah only search, all my updates are coming through just fine. You can also look at install history and jump to apps from there, or use the open play store links.