Aurora Store 4.2.0 update

Looking at the change log Android 13 pushed changes.

I installed a new installation on a Pixel 3A running Waydroid Android 11 in Ubuntu Touch. Had some issues.
Updated my main phone to this latest version and I am having similar issues.
Its probably me, as I have had very poor performance from Aurora, which I was hoping this update would address.

What issues you have?

I read this from 3 days ago. “The CalyxOS devs mentioned that it was an issue with Aurora store and that the fix for it, 4.2.1, should be available on F-droid soon, in a few days or early next week.”

And a solution for now might be.

“Downloading the latest nightly version got it working for me:

You might not want to update…

Basically a new session will never load.

The new setup install features looked good then nothing.

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I downloaded the 4.2.0 from F-Droid and it crashes when I opened it.

Downgrading in F-Droid is not an option for me.

4.2.1 is available on F-Droid

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