Asus Strix laptop not booting

My Asus Strix GL753VD laptop isn’t booting anymore. I didn’t use it for a week, and after that, I tried to start it and it doesn’t boot.
When I press the power button, the keyboard lights up and it just stays like that. I don’t think it’s the screen. I’m running a dual boot with Windows 10 and Linux. Any advice please? I tried to reinstall the BIOS settings and do a hard reset, but it didn’t work.
I think it’s not getting past POST. (not sure)

Have you checked your boot order. Maybe you have a faulty GRUB or Windows install?

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How do I check it? (i can’t enter BIOS) I don’t think it’s that tho, it was working perfectly before.
I used the dual boot for like a year

Do you see anything at all on the screen after powering on the device, or does the screen appear to be dead? Are you able to boot from a USB device for example?

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The screen does not ahow anything and I can’t boot from a USB.

  • Were you tinkering with the laptop lately? (Cleaning it, taking out RAM, battery replacement)
  • Did you drop the laptop/bag that the laptop was in?
  • Is your charging cable not exploited?
  • Do you have a warranty on the laptop?
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I did carry it in a bag, but that’s it. The cable works perfectly fine (the power led lights up when i plug it). I didn’t clean it and I don’t think i have a warranty for it. It’s pretty old.

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If you have an external monitor you can plug into, I highly recommend it. I had an ROG Zephyrus and had the same issue you are describing. It ended up being the screen and it is now used as a desktop.


Ooo, sounds like a failed POST, or screen, either way a hardware issue.

If you have a second monitor might be worth plugging it in to check the screen. So you can go from an ‘I think’ to an ‘I know’

I would suggest to clear CMOS but sounds like you have.

You said the power cable seems to work, what about the battery?

Next I would test the memory, although that will be hard if you don’t have another compatible system you can swap it into.

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This won’t be it, he would get a POST if it was the boot order.

I tried to plug in my samsung TV with a HDMI cable, but that didn’t work either. I pluged it in before booting.