Ask people to consider Signal Messenger for Christmas

I’m only mentioning this because so far the results have been good enough for me.

You know how once you get to a certain point you don’t really want anything for Christmas? People will ask what you want or what you’re interested in, but nothing comes to mind, or it’s way to expensive to ask of someone else. At some point you browse Amazon to give people a link for their sake.

What if there was another option? What if whenever you’re asked about this, you mention Signal?

This is what I did with two family members. They asked me what I’d like for Christmas, so I said:

Honestly, the thing that would mean the most to me would be for you to check out Signal Messenger. It’s the same as WhatsApp but without Facebook, and I like to use it. But if you want just get me [insert Amazon link] or something like that.

Don’t be pushy! Just mention it once and leave at that to see what happens.

I had hesitation about trying it. I still feel like it’s a little cringe. But they’re both using Signal now, and they make up a good chunk of people I message.

It might be a bit too late to try this now, just five days away from Christmas, but I still wanted to put the idea out there in case someone wanted to give it a shot!


All I want for Christmas…is YOUUUUUUU



Worth trying another year or for your birthday

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