[Ars Technica] Firefox lost users during “failed” Yahoo search deal, says Mozilla CEO

If that’s the case, Google has no need to pay Mozilla, several hundred million, per year, right?

From the article:

Baker testified that Mozilla’s popular browser Firefox tried to switch from using Google as a default search engine but reverted back after a “failed” bet on Yahoo made it clear that Google was Firefox users’ preferred search engine.

I saw this comment elsewhere and I strongly agree with it, but sadly I don’t remember where I saw it or exactly what it said. To paraphrase:

It seams that many users do not know how to change the default search engine for their browser, and that is just really depressing.


I don’t think they even know that there is this option. For many people Google is the internet. (The same for Facebook in some cases)

I do wish Firefox private browsing default search engine was DuckDuckGo (like TOR Browser) or another Private Default search engine.

Yea, but we need to remember Mozilla wants that green in their pocket