Are There Private Music Streaming Options?

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I am still sitting here downloading everything with NewPipe off of the tube.

thx for the cider recommendation! loving it.

I guess gonna use iphone music as a cloud-music-solution.

I do not have that much space in my phone to use newpipe all the time.

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Am I really the only one who still listens to mp3 files on my phone?


I don’t think so !

Nope, though I listen to my MP3s on my PC. As to why, @Bangerz 's message is why. I can save money and keep the music for as long as I want.

I just remembered this is pretty cool project:

Hey Nate and anyone else on Windows or Linux

Cider is a fantastic tool for anyone who uses Apple Music, especially if you’re a fan of simplicity and efficiency. You’ll appreciate its user-friendly interface and how it streamlines your Apple Music experience.

One of the standout features of Cider is its clean and intuitive design. It makes navigating your music library a breeze, and the search functionality is quick and precise, which can save you time when you’re looking for specific tracks or albums. The seamless integration with Apple Music means you can access your entire library, playlists, and recommendations effortlessly.

Cider also offers excellent organization options. You can create and manage playlists easily, and it’s simple to switch between different views of your library, whether you prefer grid.

Apple Music experience by making it more user-friendly and organized, ultimately making your music listening time even more enjoyable.

P.P.S I would buy it on storefront. It’s only $3.49


I use this Open source frontend to Youtube music and it’s great