Are canvasblocker and localcdn worth installing?

I’m remaking my librewolf profile. So far I have arkenfox’s user.js with ublock, bitwarden, darkreader, libredirect, and sponsorblock. probably too many extensions but i find good use out of all of them. My question is, does it provide meaningful protection that makes it worth having canvasblocker or localcdn installed as well?

Per the arkenfox wiki, canvasblocker is only recommended if you’re a non-RFP user. Arkenfox recommends using RFP as it offers the best protection, but if you can’t live with the issues it causes, then it’s okay to use canvasblocker.

Probably a bad idea. Why that is the case have been discussed in other threads.

I believe you want to use Canvasblocker to minimize your chances of getting fingerprinted by tracking websites. If that is the case then no, it’s not worth installing. Extensions can’t somehow magically make you unfingerprintable. It’s a flawed idea and an example of badness enumeration. For every method of fingerprinting the extension blocks, there is gonna be 5 new ways to fingerprint you. If you really want to go “under the radar”, use Tor browser.

LocalCDN is also a bad tool as it lies on Badness enumeration.

Firefox already handles canvas fingerprinting, so no need for canvasblocker.

I don’t think Firefox does anything like LocalCDN although as you already have uBlock, that can be configured to block the remote CDNs if you wish. You may also be able to replace them with a local CDN, but I don’t know how, so you would need to look into that yourself if it’s something that interests you

i think i had it rfp turned off because it wouldnt allow me to alt+number to a different tab from youtube, it would instead skip to parts of the video lol. ill probably turn it on anyway and just deal with it. thanks for the reply