Apple's New Privacy Features Announced at WWDC

Some of these didn’t get much screen time, but here’s a good overview of all the privacy enhancing features Apple is bringing to millions of users this fall, courtesy of Lexi from the Privacy Guides team.

Some of these are quite interesting, such as integration of the IETF’s Privacy Pass standard which could replace CAPTCHAs over time.


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On a more serious note, I do like the passkeys implementation. It looked very intuitive in the tech demo. I’m curious on how 1Password’s implementation of FIDO2 will look, since they’re seemingly always one-upping Apple in this regard.

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I hope Apple’s support of the Privacy Pass standard will finally make it usable.

I tried to use the Privacy Pass browser extension for a while (albeit not lately), and this was my experience.
  • At the time of installation, neither Cloudflare nor hCAPTCHA passes worked.
    • I don’t remember if it was earning or redeeming that was broken, but either way the extension was useless.
  • According to an open issue at the time (that had been open for months), this was a bug in the latest version, and the previous version worked fine.
  • CRX files are not provided on GitHub, so I had to package the extension myself from the old code.
    • For anyone unfamiliar with browser extensions, this is analogous to compiling from source.
  • Cloudflare passes still didn’t work in the old version, but at least hCAPTCHA passes worked.
  • Eventually hCAPTCHA passes stopped working.
  • I couldn’t be bothered to update to the latest version in hopes of it working, so I just uninstalled the extension.
    • It appears that hCAPTCHA support was (temporarily?) removed according to the GitHub repo, so maybe that’s why my old version stopped working as opposed to a breaking API change.

TL;DR: The extension wasted way more time than it saved and was mostly nonfunctional. The Chrome Web Store reviews are telling (sort by recent).

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My main question for these features is how proprietary they might be, despite using standards. In particular, with passkeys, whether they will allow for third party private key export. Even if they follow FIDO2 standards, will the allow portability? (Not sure if that’s in the spec.)

But Apple continues to do good work on privacy tech. This is a great list - thanks for posting!

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