Apple AirTags are now facing dozens of lawsuits over stalking

This month, more than three dozen victims allegedly terrorized by stalkers using Apple AirTags have joined a class-action lawsuit filed in a California court last December against Apple. They alleged in an amended complaint that, partly due to Apple’s negligence, AirTags have become “one of the most dangerous and frightening technologies employed by stalkers” because they can be easily, cheaply, and covertly used to determine “real-time location information to track victims.”

I’m personally not surprised that a lawsuit against Apple over this has been filed over this though I’m somewhat surprised that it took this long for more lawsuits over them to get published and discussed. There’s this quote later in the article that I agree with completely:

Galperin said that Apple’s mitigation efforts when AirTags came out “were woefully insufficient,” and “the fact that they chose to bring the product to market in the state that it was” is "shameful.” But in the years since then, Galperin told Ars that she credits Apple for making improvements that made AirTags “far easier and more reliable to detect than they were when they launched.”

I wonder what other actions Apple will take. I know they’ve made an app for detecting AirTags with android and adding a buzzer to make sounds, but I recall a story about AirTags being sold with the buzzer disabled.

lol this is very useful product when traveling ngl.

but ofcourse there has to be some system in place for security and privacy concerns.

Apple has done nothing to help with anything except for their proffits.

Well, I wouldn’t say it’s apple fault, they just made a product and people use it for other porpouses. It’s like if you sell knifes and someone doesn’t use it only for cutting food.

And that’s why we cannot have a nice things. People fucking ruin everything :frowning_face:

EDIT: Btw, for Android users there is AirGuard - AirTag protection | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

This is definitely true!

Your experience this anti tracking you’re talking about?