APK source download

I want to remove Play Store and its services from my phone. I want to ask your opinion, where is the most accurate APK source? APKMirror, APKPure or Aurora Store? If you have other options, please share with me. Thank you very much

Aurora Store must be downloading APKs from the Play Store directly, just proxying them to you. This is as accurate as it gets.
What’s for the other two i have no idea, they might be downloading directly too, might not.
But don’t take my word for it, i’m mostly guessing.


you could take a look at obtainium, it lets you download apks from many different sources

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It really depends on what apps you’re using

options like GitHub or getting the APK directly from the dev’s website are a bit more risky since there is no party between you and the dev to test it + trying to find malicious code but if its something well known and trusted like Signal I don’t see a problem


APKMirror is more of a repository than anything. It’s definitely an at-your-own-risk site, but one I will use myself on occasion. That said, Aurora is the safer option if you have a degoogled phone.

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Thanks so much for helping me with lots of details