Any way to use Instagram in a "privacy" way?

I really love Instagram as it is full of some content creators who aren’t on any other platform, So is there any way to use instagram without losing in the terms of privacy?

just use it in a separate browser and/or profile. Use a VPN. delete previous insta accounts make a new one every now and then.

It is a good solution but the algorithm is taking over my life with so many reels, random content and girls with revealing clothes even with a fresh account, I wish to find something like Bibliogram or Proxitok for Tiktok.

To my knowledge, Bibliogram no longer works and there is no replacement (Discontinuing Bibliogram - cadence's weblog (personal blog)). FB/Meta works really hard to make sure its websites can’t be accessed without an account because otherwise they can’t track you as well.

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As @Gunther said, Bibliogram has been discontinued but there’s a (not open-source tool) called Dumpor. It is not perfect for privacy but they at least says that they won’t share to 3rd parties your PII on their privacy policy.

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hello L you can check my discussion about social media here here it’s the link

Kinda? I mean, for one of my accounts, I was about to sign up with a Firefox relay (mozmail) email that forwards to a skiff email account that’s not in my name. I also use this account for my photography hobby exclusively so I don’t post personal pics of myself there. To maximize your privacy you can only open ig in a decent web browser such as hardened Firefox mullvad etc instead of in the app.

I am just going to say as someone that has tried to use Instragram privately, if you use things like VPNs and Alias emails that is a sure way to getting your account suspended or for them to ask for your Photo ID (my account got locked).

All I can say is use a popular email provider like gmail, don’t use a vpn visit a coffee shop or library and use the free wifi.

Sometimes they will just suspend you for no reason even if you haven’t made any comments or posts, I’m not sure it’s worth the effort in my opinion.

Create a fresh account using a friends/ school/college/job person’s device, I do this and pay them personally.
Then only log into Instagram using the web on a browser like Firefox focus. Make sure to set your IP to a specific VPN IP address whenever you are going to login. And try not to use this IP for anything else, or if you do, I would wait a couple hours with no activity on that IP then you can use it again after you went on insta, and a couple hours have passed.
Finally, don’t post your face on this account, and don’t follow people who are physically close or are related to you in real life.

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