Any way to make a backup of whatsapp with credentials? (portable whatsapp)

So was wondering if I can make a whatsapp account with but considering the fact that I would not be able to use that number again, I need to have a way to create a backup (apk + data) that can work if installed on another android.

I have been able to just move message database and folders to another android. It just asks to get otp from sms to verify that you own the number.

For this use-case perhaps an e-sim or services like ironvest where I can rent numbers are better options but I want to exhaust this option first.

Can a backup made with something like neobackup work? Or a NAND backup is needed? How does apps detect if a NAND backup is installed on another device?

As the last resort I can just use whatsapp in a vm and make backup of that :man_shrugging:

Some refferences:

GitHub - KnugiHK/WhatsApp-Chat-Exporter: A customizable Android and iOS/iPadOS WhatsApp database parser that will give you the history of your WhatsApp conversations in HTML and JSON. Android Backup Crypt12, Crypt14, Crypt15, and new schema supported.

Backup of whatsapp media data stalls · Issue #575 · NeoApplications/Neo-Backup · GitHub

sync - How to transfer Whatsapp to new phone - Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

SMSPool offers rentals that you can keep. They are more expensive and limited to a few countries (USA, UK, and Russia) but they are renewable unlike their normal temporary numbers. How do I rent a non-VOIP phone number | SMSPool

Hope this helps :grinning:

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Guys neobackup works flawlessly!

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Also turns out you can use the same phone number to resend otp on smspool

Edit: only for 15 minutes, if your luck is nice maybe :person_shrugging:

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Thanks for following up with the solution that worked for you. I have never used WhatsApp, I don’t know how either. Anyways do you have any plans to use this tool in other ways.

Neo Backup (The open-source tool to backup your apps and data)



Whatsapp blocked the account when I was trying to login to beeper app (matrix bridge). Probably because my device’s IP didn’t match the Beeper’s servers.

The backup doesn’t work because that “device” session expired on the whatsapp servers. Smspool is showing “that number is not available” when trying to resend code.

Mission failed guys, better luck next time :slight_smile: