Any way to keep using barinsta or any good alternatives?

I use barinsta for my few but important instagram needs. Apart from the increased privacy vs the dafault Instagram app I really like the non addictive dessing of the app. The development on this foss app stoped a few months ago a instagram has nuked my account twice because of using it.

I really don’t want to use the oficiall app but I would love to have it’s funcionality aviable plus the extra things you could do with barinsta. Is there any alternative or fork I can use?

If you want to browse posts without interacting, Bibliogram is good (think of Invidious but for Instagram). As for chat, I’m left unsure on what would work right now. I used to run a bridge on my Matrix server, but I don’t host Matrix currently.

Now I just use the web version on desktop to chat.

Bibliogram has fundamental issues that cannot be solved unless Instagram stops being a little shithead. If the limitations are fine with you, then more power to you. It’s pretty limiting to only be able to see the first 12 images of a user’s timeline. If you find an instance that works, better keep it to yourself otherwise it will get perma-ratelimited the same way.

Instagram is really, really bad when I comes to free (dom) ways to use it :unamused:

i used to be able to use but as my censorship of google networks and domains has cut it off for me i no longer have access to their advice. somehow i assume you might still be able to use it.

I can but unfortunatelly there isn’t anything like what I am looking for. Maybe it doesn’t exist.

off-topic but can you elaborate on this?

super short on time right now, will try to hurry…

google firebase, google cloudbase, google signin, google captcha.
if you as a security conscious person block these from loading onto any of your devices you will lose access to a MASSIVE portion to the interwebs.

loosing the access to instagram for me was nothing. like face book i never use terrorist goal software. seeing as how insta is so not useful to me i do not miss it and just lump it into the group with micr0$oft, google, and facebook. a loss of access to an unwanted platform. no loss at all.

trying to find an alternative for any software seems to be one of the few ways i can reduce people expose to bad software so that is why i tried to comment here.
for instance, use invidious instances to bypass g00g!e and get to yoube

was hoping to also post something for the bypass of insta tracking you like a parasite to sell you to terrorists

boycot the parasytes. your life value will improve.

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