Any Toronto Pearson Airport tips?

Soon I’ll be travelling through Toronto Pearson Airport. Do you have any tips regarding the privacy on this specific airport?

I have found this, but it doesn’t look like that’s implemented yet. But they already secretely tested facial recognition in 2016.

I would like to avoid mainly the facial recognition.

You can wear “adversarial Images.” Not exactly discrete though…


I was thinking more practical things. Where it is, how to opt-out etc.

I know the clothing (there is also, but I don’t believe that it actually works nowadays and the glasses are ridiculous. I don’t want to look like a firefly on the cameras. I might as well run into the airport screaming “Don’t look at me. Don’t look at me. I’m not a terrorist.” I would wear them in normal shops, but not at the airport.

theres a couple pairs that look just like raybans to me. far from looking like a firefly, whatever that means lmaoooo. but yeah good luck getting that ‘practical’ advice like “where it is, how to opt-out etc.” :rofl:

Firefly :point_down:

oh i see!!! yeah that does scream “im not a terrorist” at an airport, i can see that now!:joy: