Any tips on making a samsung as private as possible?

Before you tell me to use a custom ROM, this is sadly my only option and I know there are more better options I can use. (I am broke.)

Forgive me if this question has been asked many times, I am asking this because I had a few more questions related to this. Also, I may sound pretty ignorant with stuff I will say as I am getting into protecting my privacy more.

Anyways here are my questions:

  • Is it safe to use the phone without a google account? (I heard when you reset your phone, sometimes you will have an FRP lock requiring to use a google account to verify and i heard its note secure to not use an account.)
  • Is my current setup good enough for my threat model? (I just want to stop as many trackers as I can from google and samsung. I use NextDNS with native system protection along with a firewall to block apps such as my cell provider. I also use as many open source apps as possible, and limit the number I have on my phone.)
  • Is there anything else I can do? (Unless my setup is just ok.)

As I said, I just want to block as much unecessary trackers as possible. I know I will not achieve the best privacy like ROMs can, but this is my only option. I would appreciate any feedback :slight_smile:

(Forgive me for my grammar lol)

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Hey there! First, welcome to the forum :tada:

To make your Samsung device as private as you can, go watch Android’s security and privacy guide from Techlore :


Thank you!

I will check this video out and see what I can do.

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My use case for these non custom rom phones is not a daily driver but more for Google stuff. I use NetGuard and keep most everything on lockdown.

One example of use is Google Pay to Pay for MySudo which last I look does not have alternate payments or a web app.