Any thoughts about Anonaddy?

up until now i was using Tutanota as my main email but after watching Techlore’s video on the comparison between that in protonmail i decided to make the transition. however one of my main graps with protonmail is the more limited of aliases. (with tutanota you can just pay for more if you run out)
i saw someone saids he is using anon daddy in order to compensate for it. is anyone here is using it? is there anytought you can give me about them? do you think they are trustworthy?


I currently use anonaddy works great. But if you are paying for full proton premium then it does come with a simple login (another privacy friendly email atlesing service

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yes, Wrench3160, is right. If you are using Proton Unlimited then you get simpleLogin premium included and you can create as many alias as you want.

I use Proton Mail with SimpleLogin, it’s fast and secure.

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With the paid subscription, you get simplelogin premium access, catchall address, and you can use 15 addresses.

I’ve tried Anonaddy, but wasn’t a fan. I prefer to use SimpleLogin instead

Edit: I don’t know of any major privacy/security issues with either, so you could try both and see what you prefer :slight_smile:

Using a third-party aliasing service does add another trusted party who handles your emails (and another potential point of failure), but both AnonAddy and SimpleLogin have good track records on both stability and security/privacy.

I personally really like AnonAddy and even a free account lets you make unlimited aliases on your subdomain (obviously not useful for anonymity, but email aliases have other uses). If you plan on getting a paid Proton account though, it includes a premium subscription to SimpleLogin so you’re better off using that.

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SimpleLogin is intergrated with Proton Mail, SimpleLogin is a subsidiary of Proton AG so you are really only trusting one party. I believe they also use each other’s infrastructure.

I’ve been a paid Anonaddy user for quite some time now. It’s been working great for me. The main reason I signed with them was they were the only option that allowed you to use the alias to reply back. Nowerdays, I think SimpleLogin has that feature. I also like their Bitwarden integration, but again SimpleLogin has that too.

You honestly won’t go wrong with either option. Just go with whatever UI you prefer. If price is a concern, both have decent free plans, but AnonAddy does have a cheaper, middle of the road price plan… around $1p/m.

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You are partly correct, as I understand, SimpleLogin uses their own infrastructure as well as Proton’s, but, Proton does not use SimpleLogin’s infrastructure.

SimpleLogin still operates as a separate company and service from Proton but now can take advantage of Proton’s infrastructure and have tighter integration. So you still do need to trust both companies.

I have never used AnonAddy.

I use SimpleLogin and Proton Mail and have had almost no issues. The only issue I had was when a mail server did not accept an email from the domain, I switched over to the domain for that email and it worked fine.

Another bonus of SimpleLogin is, Proton recently acquired SimpleLogin, because of this, Proton will be integrating SimpleLogin more tightly in Proton Mail + you get a SimpleLogin subscription included if you buy the Proton Unlimited Plan.

I considered both Anonaddy and SL but went with SL because there you could use it like “normal” mail, which is replying too, not just receiving.

well the results seem pretty conclusive to me. SimpleLogin it is, Thanks!

Don’t worry about it! :slight_smile:

AnonAddy also supports this feature Sending email from an alias - AnonAddy

I use both AnonAddy (free tier) and SimpleLogin (Premium). Both are open source and privacy friendly.

On free tier SimpleLogin locks you with 15 aliases while Anonaddy have 100 aliases but the reply feature is not as well implemented as SimpleLogin with their reverse-aliases

I have choosen to pay for SimpleLogin as I prefer to use this service over AnonAddy. It’s not really expensive and you can pay in Monero !
But if you just want hundred of aliases for free AnonAddy is the way to go.

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I’ve been using SimpleLogin Premium for a year, was hoping to get the next year for free due to having Proton Plus, but that hasn’t happened and I didn’t use it very actively, so I switched to AnonAddy Lite. It does all I need and only costs 12 $ a year. 50 MB doesn’t sound like much, but I don’t use those aliases for attachments and so far I haven’t been over 5 MB.

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The reason you didn’t get SimpleLogin Premium with Proton Plus is because it is only included on the Proton Unlimited plan.

My paid premium subscription for SimpleLogin should have expired on the 25th though and it still says I have Premium :slight_smile: Let’s see for how long until they notice and downgrade me.

I use anon Addy for a lot of things and love it! My main gripes are some (very few) services have blacklisted it. Other than that, it works awesome. I do think they’re pretty trustworthy too. Overall 9/10 imo

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