Any online courses about the security worth checking apart from the techlore?

I’m the type of a man that like to watch courses, rather than read books. I really enjoyed the techlore’s one… However I’d like to check if there are anything with the same quality and worth watching?

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Check this out The Hated One

This channel doesn’t post regularly NoMagic

Sun Kundsen

Mental Outlaw

Nathan House’s “Station X” complete cyber-security course is incredibly good.
It comes in 4 sections: Hackers Exposed, Network Security, End-Point Protection, Anonymous Browsing.
Udemy has frequent sales on this course (right now I see it s $12.99 per section).
This is an extremely comprehensive course ranging from beginner to way-over-my-head advanced, and everything in between. The instructor is world renowned and consults for intelligence agencies globally.
Another bonus of this course is that if you email the instructor personally he will also set you up with the documentation to get college credit for completing his course.
I did-

  1. Go Incognito
  2. The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Cybersecurity by Alex Oni
  3. Station X cybersecurity

This article is also useful with free courses from respected institutions offering legitimately useful certificates.

(check out the IBM course if you’re a beginner)

Please don’t follow Mental Outlaw. Guy spreads a lot of FUD.

He is basically a certified Stallman cultist. Promotes “oPeN SoUrCE mOrE sEcUrE aNd PrIvATe” “Linux/OpenBSD bEsT sEcUritY nO cAp jUst trUst mE bRo”

I wonder why that’s the case. But I am not here to judge so…

  4. THOTCON - Chicago's Hacking Conference - About

Don’t f-ing watch ( for learning cybersecurity ). If you do by any chance make sure to wash your eyes with Bleach.

  1. Rob Braxman
  2. Mental Outlaw
  3. Luke Smith( I won’t bother posting links with this one, guy is a cultist and extremist )
  4. Chris Titus Tech
  5. Anyone who refuses to listen to the works of eminent cybersecurity researchers and provides no proper claim to back his/her claim.

Check out TheNewOil’s PeerTube channel.

I like David Bombal’s stuff (see his vids on Odysee). He has some books and I think courseware out. Hacking oriented but teaches you much about how to secure systems and what to look out for.

why is he a Stallman cultist? Just because promotes openBSD?

Yeah David Bombal is really good. I would also recommend Naomi Brockwell. There are times when she posts online tutorials concerning cybersecurity and securing hardware devices.