Any Keet users on here?

A friend has been testing a product called keet, a peer to peer software that allows for chat, video calls, but most of all large file sharing due to the lack of servers.
Any input or experiences here?

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I never heard of it before so I would stick with Jitsi Meet. It is open-source, end-to-end encrypted, easy to use and self-hostable!

Also Keet seems to have some links with crypto stuff so it would be a no-way for me and maybe other people.

Keet has no mention of open-source on their website.

Conclusion : Use Jitsi. It’s far more better than Keet for now.

Does jitsi meet do file transfers?

No, but I think that any cloud service can substitute this functionality. Just sharing the link to a file via the chat functionality.

It seems that they are actually open sourcing as we speak, i am definitely going to keep an eye on it.
I already use jitsi as it happens, but this seems to be a mixture of something like briar, jitsi and have the ability for huge file transfers. Definitely going to monitor it looks quite slick

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Those sites are super helpful, thank you! I had never seen them before, will be running all my stuff through them lol

Blacklight is kinda my go to for deciding should I use TOR browser are my regular browser. Exodus has an app, as well. I like the web site better for research. Aurora store shows exodus reports.

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