Any good tactics for avoiding face recognition cams?

its as bad as canvas fingerprinting in my opinion.
it detect information that is unique and hard (in the case of face recognition even impossible) to replace.
and its becoming increasingly hard to avoid.

i was thinking of buying a hat and place some reflective metal plate on it (in an way that will be ashtetic so it will drawn less attention from from other people)
in order to overexpose the cameras. maybe even to get "reflectables

what do you think about this idea?

would you have any other suggestions?


I’ve seen a short on Mrwhosetheboss about anti spying objets and one in particular seemed effective against facial recognition. It’s sunglasses, they are called “Reflectacles”. This article talks about them.

With that I would use a baseball cap but I think that any hat would work. But most importantly, wear a mask. This hides info about nose and mouth.

I hope this helps

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I will link my reply on this topic:

yeah i hard about the reflecticles. if you look again. in my original post i talked to them as a possibility.

In regard to mask saidly, as far as i know by know they are using an algorithm that is smart enough to understand who you are even with half of your face cancelled so its not really a viable option anymore.