Any good for gpu passrough for

As my part of my journey to depart from windows i plan to replace dual botting with VM Of windows but for some perpuses gpu will be required.

i know that passtrough is a thing but i dont know to do it so is anyone can recomend on a taturial?

GPU passthrough is not a beginner thing to do on Linux. Even following a guide, something would likely go wrong. Between hardware variations (eg: AMD/Nvidia), and software (eg: distro), be prepared to go down rabbit holes. Using Wine or Proton, is going to be considerably easier. Just remember there are Linux forums (and wikis) that can help, if you run into problems. Truth be told, those places might be better places to ask, than a privacy forum, like here on Techlore. Haven’t scared you off, have I? Hopefully not, otherwise I’d be wasting my time continuing.

From what I looked into, two distros seem to be the most common for this kind of thing. Arch, and Ubuntu based stuff. That means, for simplicity sake, no Fedora, SUSE, or anything more exotic.

Traditionally, GPU Passthrough required a minimum of two graphics units. Whether it be a dedicated card, or an integrated GPU, it doesn’t really matter. This no longer seems to be the case, as since the last time I looked things have progressed considerably.. Do note, all this is pretty jank, but this method is even more jank. Do at your own risk. Going the traditional route would be better, imo.

If you want to go the more traditional route, then you’d want to look at THIS guide. It’s two years out of date, but it should be a good jumping off point. It seems the OP is still active on that forum, so they might be able to offer guidance.

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GPU Passthroughs defeat the purpose of virtualizing Windows since it allows viruses to easily escape. Use the box for playing Games but don’t use it for like installing viruses and stuff.