Another Person's Email Domain

In the past, I noticed two websites that would offer their website’s email domain name as perk for donors. An example: ________@computers123[.]com.

For users/donors that request a new email, would the owner of the domain be able to access the account themselves and receive the donor’s mail, contacts, etc? Also, if the owner is able to revoke the email’s domain name from them(or the site stops existing), would that lock them out of the account permanently? Assuming you support a creator on Patreon or whatever, and they start awarding domain requests to all supporters, is there any way that could be a security risk for the donors?

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You don’t just get an email address, it’s hosted on a server and the person hosting the server can read all e-mails that are not end-to-end encrypted.

Using a random e-mail address is a huge security risk, the person running the server can read passwords, MFA done by e-mails, and reset passwords by e-mails, it’s one of the main targets by hackers.


Oh snap, I didn’t know it would be that serious. I thought if I ever saw something like that again, perhaps on a content creator’s website/Patreon, it would be nice to use as an extra alias with Gmail and a cute way to show support for the people you support. But no, that’s way too much. I’m still new to the whole privacy & security thing, especially with emails. I appreciate the info thank you, Orwellian.