Anonymous Ebay purchase in 15 minutes


  • A mailbox you can get secure deliveries.
  • An alias profile, I choose an initial for first name and home owners last name. I have also used previous owners or variations of last names of people who receive mail at these mail boxes.
  • An anonymous email. IronVest email not accepted but SimpleLogin was accepted.
  • Alias phone number. I used MySudo which I change monthly if used. Task created to edit number
  • Set up a device for a private shopping experience.
  • IronVest to create a masked credit card.

Using ProtonVPN, and Brave Browser create an EBay account.

Verify you are human.

Verify your email address.

Shop for stuff add to cart. (This was done before account creation except the adding to cart)

Enter Alias mailing information

Create a masked card for delivered amount with IronVest.

Add a payment option

Add a billing address.


Check email for order confirmation.

Obviously the prep work is going to take a considerable amount of time. My secure device is a Pixel 6 Pro, CalyxOS which takes time to purchase and program. Software and accounts take time to set up. I used ProtonVPN, SimpleLogin and ProtonMail all on free plans.
IronVest is part of my DeleteMe account which does cost but I could have used a Walmart prepaid Visa for this purchase. IronVest has a one time use benefit, where the Visa cards I purchase I load up $500 at a time. I don’t know who all can look at transaction history. The billing address on the Visa for PayPal have been a in state Walmart.

Or you could just recive your order at your office.

Not an option as I do not have an office, but the anonymous purchase is the point any address would work.
This address has the benefit that it is not associated directly with myself.

PayPal account deletion after one time purchase.

The delivery went well. The alias email was used 6 times before the delivery was made.

Just an update on a valid email address. The SimpleLogin email I used to make the purchase was when I went to edit the account profile (IronVest) and @simplelogin were not valid. I ended up changing the email address to a different address. Changing the one time alias email is not necessary but I am cautious and it is easy to do.

I did not change the user name.

I changed the first name and this time EBay would not let me use a single letter as in “H”, too short… The last name was changed to protect the home owner, the mailing address was changed to protect the mailing address. I do plan on using this address in the future including a state issued drivers license, right before the property is sold in a couple years.

The phone number was a MySudo number and never verified. I did not edit this as I will be changing the MySudo number this week.

Payment information may be a concern for you since I used a masked credit card I am not concerned. A pre paid credit card would be treated differently but I would only use a card like that at the end of its life. Using all remaining balance.

Waiting on a response from EBay before I delete the email addresses.

We’ve received your request to close your account

Within 24 hours we’ll send an update on the status of your request to your registered email address, as well as your eBay messages. Please review this email, as in limited cases, we may need you to provide additional information, or take certain actions, in order to close your account.

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Just a delayed follow up. EBay never confirmed my account deletion but I can not log in.