Announcing Techlore Dispatch - Our New Central Hub!

After years of wanting a newsletter, I’m thrilled to finally announce Techlore Dispatch - a convenient place to keep up with the latest privacy & security updates from us, while allowing us to independently reach you without relying on ‘big tech’ platforms. If you’re already on the forum, I strongly recommend joining the Dispatch too for full access to everything we’re doing. Join Now! [RSS]

What can you expect?

  • Blog Posts: Written content where we can dive deeply into privacy & security concepts.
  • Podcast: We heard the love for Techlore Talks and have published it as an audio-only podcast on the dispatch!
  • Video Announcements: A central place to be notified about our newest videos
  • Video Blogs: Some videos will have blog versions to accompany the videos!
  • News: We’re still deciding what this will be used for, but currently the goal is to reserve this for massive incidents we want to inform our audience about in the privacy/security space.
  • Techlore Announcements: Techlore-specific announcements.

Technical Details
We have chosen to use Substack, what we found to be the best balance of the features we want, the user experience for you, cost, energy to maintain, and not being terribly privacy invasive. With that said, it’s not perfect, some privacy mitigations for you all:

  • Use an alias email (SimpleLogin)
  • Use a browser that blocks trackers (Firefox & Brave are two easy recs)
  • Use a service like Protonmail that blocks email trackers

If we find a service down the road that fits our needs similarly and is more privacy-friendly, we’ll consider migrating. In the meantime, we find Substack with 0 mitigations should fit most threat models, and using it with the listed mitigations should include just about every threat model out there.

Feel free to leave any questions below :point_down: and thanks everyone for being a part of our community!


Just saying you can also subscribe to dispatch via RSS ( which is a way to stay updated without an email (you could maybe add this in the pinned YouTube comment?)

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Already beat ya to it! (Just read your message now and I already added the RSS feed recently in the description & pinned comment to the video)

Will edit the post here too to include it, good catch!


Thanks rss on top

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Great news. Thank you for your work and dedication!

One thing tho - I’m not able to log in. I registered, but when I want to go to “Settings” it requires log in - either with email link or password.

  • Email link always gives me Login link expired. Please try again
  • I cannot set up password because Magic token is missing (don’t remember the exact copy)

maybe you could add link to dispatch somewhere in the menu so you can easly switch between site.

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I’m happy any time the forum gets a mention on the channel. :slight_smile:


Is there a way to get an RSS feed for a specific tag/subsection? An RSS just for the blog posts, for example?

I had the same issue on my Librewolf. When I tried via Brave (with default settings) it worked for me.

I’m on Brave :confused: .

@Henry Techlore Talks is now available as a podcast on Podverse Techlore Talks

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I know you can subscribe to only receive emails from certain sections, but I’m not seeing a way to subscribe to specific sections via RSS. I’ll post an update if I find out it’s possible.