[Announcement] Techlore Forum Supports Passkey Logins!

:tada: Another announcement for you all: You can now add a passkey to your account by navigating to your User Preferences → Security page.

After adding a passkey to your account, you will be able to sign in to the forum without a username and password, with the “Sign in with a passkey” button:


  1. Signing in with a passkey bypasses two-factor authentication on your account when logging in. If you want to always require a password and a security key, you should not add a “passkey” to your profile, you should only add a security key in your “Two-Factor Authentication” settings.
  2. You cannot disable password logins after adding a passkey. You can prevent password logins from accessing your account without a security key by additionally adding a security key in your “Two-Factor Authentication” settings.

Just in time for Bitwarden’s passkey support :sunglasses:


Which passkey you recommend?

I have just setup a Passkey with Bitwarden and oh my god, it is so smooth…


is it available on mobile ?

It actually depends of the version you’re in. In Android 14 and newer, you can use Bitwarden for passkeys and not the Google Password Manager. If you are on Android 13, 12, 11, etc… You can only use Google’s PW to manage and use passkeys.

Note: Starting from Android 14, users can opt to use third-party credential management apps to store their passkeys.

Can you use bitwarden mobile for passkeys right now? Last I heard they were still working on it

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Never used passkey before, interested in activating passkey on my account (and maybe other accounts/websites too), I’m using Bitwarden but before I do it I have 2 questions :

1/ Will I be able to login to the forum on my computer in less clics/time it would take to autopopulate «username» and «password» using the Bitwarden extension of my browser ? Or will I need to find my phone, wake up my phone, unlock my phone, wait for the prompt asking me to authenticate, try to make it recognize my fingerprint multiple times… to allow me to login to the forum ? Basically I’d like to know if I could use the passkey method on my computer just with the Bitwarden extension.

2/ Let’s assume I use passkey everywhere… what would happen if I would lose or replace my phone ? Would all my passkeys just come back to the new phone once I install Bitwarden and login to it ? Asking this question because my banking app works with something similar to passkey (it sends a notification to my phone and I have to accept it with my fingerprint to login) but every time I change phone I have to call my bank and re-do all the setup to register this specific new phone with the app to get the secure notification, it’s long and annoying, I hate that.

That’s awesome! My first passkey login ever! Using Bitwarden the process was so smooth, nice job!


The passkey doesn’t have to be a hardware one?

Like Bitwarden, most password managers can implements passkeys without requiring a hardware device.
Here’s all the app that supports passkeys https://www.passkeys.com/

So passkey is a web standard and the password manager creates it?

Is it essentially a file stored in the vault?

Or is it a secret code?

Or a bunch of json?

In simple terms, what is a passkey?

A passkey is a FIDO credential stored on your computer or phone, and it is used to unlock your online accounts. The passkey makes signing in more secure. It works using public key cryptography and proof that you own the credential is only shown to your online account when you unlock your phone.

From How Passkeys work: A Google security expert explains

Bitwarden works great

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It’s not really a problem but just heads up that you need to have a password in order to set this up, which feels a bit weird.

As I used siwsl I now first had to create (via reset) a password in order to confirm it and be able to create a passkey.

Is signup with a passkey next? I mean, for those who want to go completely passwordless.