Android: App Isolation via Profiles


I have a question regarding Android in general and Graphene OS in particular:

In the past I have tried to use GrapheneOS as my daily driver. However sometimes when travelling I find myself needing / wanting to use Google apps, such as Maps or Lense. These of course are not privacy friendly.
A few days ago it was mentioned on a video on the YT channel „The Hated One“ that both with Android and GrapheneOS you can have a number of different profiles.

I would like to be able to use some Google Apps when needed, but shutting them off most of the time. My idea is to have two profiles on a GrapheneOS device, first a „home profile“ that is completely degoogled
and only uses select privacy friendly apps.

Next, I would like to put all Google and other privacy unfriendly apps in a dedicated „travel profile“ that I only use when away from home. This „travel profile“ would have Google services (or MicroG) installed as needed.

Now my questions: Does this proposed use of different profiles achieve my goal to isolate the Google apps and services from my normal daily use that I do on the „home profile“? What happens with the apps on the „travel profile“ when I am using the „home profile“, are they deactivated or do they run in the background? What do these different profiles actually do; are they like two different operating systems that can be shut on or off as I please (like dual boot on a PC)?

Your insights or comments are highly appreciated,



I think this will answer all of your questions: Sandboxed Google Play — GrapheneOS usage guide

By the way, Google Maps reportedly works fine with no Google Play Services. You can also use the PWA version as long as you don’t need turn-by-turn navigation.