Android App ideas?

I am planning to work on an Android app for the privacy and security community, this spring ( yes I’m a workaholic, thanks for asking ) but I don’t really want to oversaturate the FOSS market so my App has to be something the FOSS community lacks or doesn’t have a proper alternative to etc.

P.S: I will not be working on a super complex emulator kinda thing. Suggest ideas that are more simple to build.

A good local encrypted note-taking app would be helpful. There are some cloud-synced E2EE note-taking apps, but I don’t want to store my notes in a cloud, even when they are encrypted. A local option with strong encryption would be great.

OneNote but encrypted and you are in charge of syncing it

I will think about it. Thanks for pitching in your ideas.

Edit: See notesnook. It’s a fine note taking app and I don’t want to build a competitor to it.


Simple but weird idea.
An app to read stats of a device when paired?
Sounds simple and interesting, but maybe useless to most lol.
Kinda like stats you see on an intune profile in Endpoint manager?

Can you elaborate more on your idea? What stats should I include and one would find useful?

Can you provide a ss?

Stats such as Operating system, battery life, connection speed, average battery life, ram, cpu, etc…

Maybe there can be a basis of info to start with (if your interested).

Usually in Microsoft 365 admin, endpoint manager is used to create policies and groups for deployment, and haven’t seen an app to where you can gather info on devices. Been interested ever since I’ve done my M900 to see if there is a app that cab replicate the same features.

Cool, I will try to keep your idea in mind.:+1:

downlaod to sdcard and exe root for the fairphone 4
i would pay for it.
many mny other people would pay for it.

app manager that isnt garbage.
the market is hyper saturated with app managers that are all garbage.
they do not see all apps, they do not control apps on a rooted phone. they refuse to control apps that need controled the most.

the only good app manager i know of is lucky patcher.
make one better then that that selects the options to stop all apps from what ever activity you chose.

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I have no experience in making apps for rooted systems, sorry.

share real time gps location, like whatsapp, but of course, private in mind…

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Not an android app specifically, but what we would actually need would be a task manager/to do app that has zero knowledge, e2ee sync across OS platforms. So a PWA that’s similar to but can be accessed on any device.

That wasn’t your question specifically, but a privacy/security FOSS community sorely lacks something like this. We have many messengers, many calendar and notes options, email choices etc. but not a single actual viable alternative to todoist/Google keep/Apple reminders app that works cross platform.

  1. I want to build an Android app specifically since I want to try out the M3 design system of Google and web support isn’t fully supported officially.

  2. I can’t pay for the servers so…

100% agree, even if it has to be self hosted (as long as it’s easy to setup). Then again that may be out of the scope of your plan anyway

Cool, I’ll try building on your idea. It seems doable for me. I guess I’ll have to figure out how to use Google maps but with privacy since OSM is unusable and is generally bad. The last part is tricky.

instead of google maps
have you ever heard of

i prefer the functionality of satellite view in
but it is significantly less friendly

I have, and I have acknowledged the existence of OSM in my original reply. It has a lot of problems at present, and it doesn’t have nearly as much map data as Google does. However I’ll try to make to make it privacy friendly with CSPs. I’ll integrate both of them for times when OSM may not be enough.

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I already use Notesnook, but I just found out that it’s possible to use it completely without Cloud Sync. Great, Thanks!

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