An Important PSA Regarding Moderation, Flags, & Direct Messages

Hello everyone! I’ve been incredibly happy to see this community coming together so smoothly :slight_smile: A quick PSA regarding moderation in this community:

Moderation & Flagging

Currently, we are self-moderating this community with only Techlore team-members. To make this easier for us, we want users to feel comfortable and understand how to flag posts. If you see a post that you feel is off-topic, inappropriate, breaks our rules, may be spam, or anything else - please flag it! If enough users flag a post, multiple auto-moderation policies are implemented without the need of a @techlore member being online. You can do that by clicking the flag on any comment or topic:

PM Moderation

Previously on Discord & (RIP) Matrix, we were generally unsure how to handle moderating issues outside our server. For example, what do we do if a healthy community member is being unhealthy in an another user’s DMs? How about a different server altogether? We generally chose what we felt was the best option in each situation, but luckily, it’s a lot less tricky in this community. You have some options:

Because you have so many powerful moderation tools at your own disposal, we will not be actively moderating direct messages. Please note, actively. If we receive multiple flags that the same user is harassing users, we will surely take action.

If you have an issue with another member in DMs, please flag them (which sends us a report), and considering blocking them or utilizing any of the above features. If you don’t want to risk any issues outside of a publicly moderated space, we encourage you to disable PMs altogether and only allow PMs from specified users.

In Summary

To bring this together, all of you can help us make this a better community for everyone. If you see something, speak up with the flagging system! Whether it’s a PM, a comment, or a topic. Again, we will not be handling every PM issue actively, but your flags still help us make decisions that are designed to make this a healthy place for everyone. Stay safe out there :+1: