Amazon Prime Membership Renewal

Just got an email about my Prime renewal in two days. This is short notice for something I knew about last year! D’oh

I want to create an all new account related to my Prime account. My primary shipping address changed to a new address and I regret not creating a new account then. Really wanted to use a new major credit card in fact Capital One virtual card. Since not following up with the verifications to meet the know your customer laws, my last effort to get a new card expired.
Several choices link my current major credit card to the new account or use prepaid credit cards which max out at $500 USD increments. The prepaid credit cards is something I want to attempt to manage until I get a new major credit card.
Two alternatives to the prepaid credit cards, is a masked credit card from IronVest and Monday August the 14th Cake Pay Web may have pre paid cards and gift cards rolled out.
The prepaid cards have no billing address, not sure how Capital One virtual card numbers handle the billing address. I plan to ask a member of this forum in a private message. My current major credit card billing address is not my shipping address.

My real name is on my major credit card but I use an alias for the Prime account. The alias and deliveries have the deceased previous home owners initials and last name on the account. I can continue to use that Alias but it is one more data point rolling over to the new account. The purpose of the alias on the deliveries is to reduce association of my real name to the shipping address.

Looking at my current credentials, in KeePass I used IronVest masked email to change my login email, if this does not work creating a new account, I will attempt to use SimpleLogin.

This topic is being created to ask for suggestions and as a future guide. I have an alias and accounts connected to other shipping address which I have permission to ship items to which I will be duplicating this effort, not using Prime.

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One complication I ran into with the account creation is the telephone numbers. My options, use IronVest masked phone number, use a current MySudo number, use Mint Mobile eSIM number which expires in about 6 months. Not an option is a Verizon contract number.

My preferred option is IronVest that is the number I am using now, which I am due for a new number which I change about every 6 months. Just not today. MySudo is usually a 1 to 3 month number. For a test I want to try MySudo, and use it as I change IronVest number and then use the new IronVest number for about 6 months.

MySudo payment option ran out of funds two weeks ago, and adding a Walmart Gift Card to Google Play seems to only work as a Google Wallet Gift Card. So I probably will stick with Vanilla $4.95 cards and load them up $500 at a time. With 1% cash back on my Major Credit Card you basically get refunded for the $4.95 purchase price. IronVest came to the rescue with a Masked Card to make a $1 payment for MySudo.

Amazon allowed the MySudo number for account creation and sent me an OTP.

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Attempting to log back into the new Amazon account, it seemed like I was answering the question wrong where you enter the text you see in the box, to prove your not a robot…
My account was locked and I could not get back in. I called customer service and explained I am not getting an email to follow the instructions to fix “my error”. I called back later same steps I am not getting this email.

Well I got an email today.


We have restored the access to your Amazon account. You can now sign in and continue to use our services.

Thank you for your patience and we are sorry if any inconvenience was caused.

Account Specialist"

No reason or explanation. I am busy today to log back in and finish my conversion from an old account to a new account. Just an update. I will come back and edit the time line to understand how long this took.

Attempting to use a prepaid visa with verified funds to purchase a Amazon Reload gift card my account was put on hold again this is the second time.

To allow the purchase to be approved Amazon wanted proof of ownership of the account. Where I submitted a Walmart recipet whith out any PII. Amazon’s response was the submitted document does not have the last 4 numbers of the account. I sent them a picture of the card.

The account was unlocked but all the cards in the wallet were removed.

Today I decided to actually make a purchase and sign up for Prime. Perhaps I need to establish some credibility.

To make the purchase I created a masked credit card from IronVest. To make sure I had enough money I made to card for about $15 more than my transaction total. This extra balance I intend to start an Amazon Gift card and then attempt to add prepaid Visa.