Amazon Prime Day Deals

I hate to promote Amazon, but you known the deal of the day gets me.
I purchased a Synology BeeDrive NAS mentioned here, and I wanted a pocket PC to go with it. I have been playing with a Dell Wyse 3040, as it is a x86 single board computer, the performance and specs in general had me looking for the launch (07/15)of the iKoolCore R1 Pro, which has the N6005.
Searching for N6005 PC on Amazon and seeing a 33% discount I pulled the trigger on the GMKtec NucBox 7. $90 discount got me.

ETA Prime review.

Are you dealing with the Devil on Amazon Prime Day? What kind of deals are you finding?

Amazon “deals” are (as basically almost any other deals) mostly just PR BS.

Unless it’s some services or 1 specific product, which I know and can easily verify the discount/deal - I just ignore it. Yes, it’s possible that I miss some great offers, but frankly it’s not worth it the headache just to save a few bucks. I want to buy things when I decide to, under my condition, without feeling the pressure from the seller’s “amazing deal”.

I don’t like being manipulated.

(Few years back I even “caught” amazon creating completely new links for the “discounted” products to make it harder to check historic prices.)

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They got me, but i can say this is spec very near to what I was waiting on.