Amazon Linux 2022 will be based on Fedora Linux

I know Amazon as a company has their own privacy concerns, but also like many big tech companies they work with open source software in different ways. One of those ways is using Linux in AWS.

As part of that, Amazon Linux, their internal distro which I think is part of what’s offered to customers, will be based on Fedora starting with Amazon Linux 2022.

From their documentation:

Built on Fedora

Amazon Linux 2022 is based on Fedora, but isn’t directly compatible with any particular release of Fedora. Amazon Linux 2 was built on several upstream sources including Fedora.

For more information, see Relationship to Fedora.

They do go on to clarify that their distro is not directly compatible with Fedora, so there are cavaets. However, I think it’s another feather in the cap of Fedora (accidental pun) because a large company is choosing to use Fedora as the starting point to make modifications on top of. Makes me feel better at least from a security standpoint.

If you’re interested in more details on how Amazon is implementing this, they actually gave a talk at Fedora’s annual Nest conference which is currently hosting on Hopin. I think you’ll have to register, but all of the talks will be available since the conference happened in August.

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I am curious to know: Why Fedora? A fedora release is supported for only about ~2 years whereas distros like RHEL Ubuntu Rocky Linux are supported for ~10 years.

From what I understand, they used to be forking from a RHEL derivative, so they are working further upstream.

I couldn’t explain the full detail, but the guy who gave the presentation said that Amazon and/or their customers wanted a version of Linux that was more up to date more often, and Fedora gives them that.

And actually a Fedora release is only supposed for 13 months!

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Here is the recording of the talk about Amazon Linux from the Nest with Fedora conference. Much more accessible than registering for an event that already happened.

Very interesting. Thanks for updating! :^)