All your privacy & security questions answered! (Announcement)

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Do you have experience with bad vpns? (ones that sell your data or are fulled with ads or fulled with malware). Like you had that experience before you knew privacy and security. Also what vpn do you currently use? (I use windscribe free but if i had to choose it would be windscribe or ivpn tbh). Also why do people like vpns outside the 14 eyes more? (Because i like in the 14 eyes more as the change is higher they will receive a data request from the goverment allowing you to verify better if they keep no personal identifiable logs. For me its way better than an audit as they know a audit is coming and can fake it easily.)


Are you planning to do a video on the UK Online Safety bill? I feel like you would be a good voice for this.

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Sorry you two, I had the Q&A thread open, not the video PSA. Next time just make sure to leave your questions on the Q&A thread :ok_hand:


Ok. (But i thought i posted the link to my reply here on the q&a thread. That could also be my memory.) See the answers next q&a then.