"All iOS VPNs are worthless and Apple knows it, claims researcher"

I find this MacRumors article very worrisome:

Does this means I have no option but to wait for a new iOS version that tackles this issue?


So the real issue IMHO, is that Apple has KNOWN about this for maybe 2 years and still has not fixed it. They seem to not care much about this issue. iPhones seem to be “privacy theatre”. The iPhone ios 16 news seems to be so up/down. More advertising, boo, Lock down mode, yea, VPN leaks, boo. But at the same time iPhones do mosly, just work.

This is kinda of an annoying issue because I use a vpn all the time on my phone. It is the place I do 99,999% of my internetting. It feels like if the phone is not shifting all my data through any vpn properly it’s kinda pointless.

I’m hoping ios16 will fix this issue. Also if anyone hears more info on this topic whether it’s been fixed or whether apple have said they will fix it please post.

I did hear that apple fixed it 2 years ago but it was a partial fix not a complete fix, so not fixed then :pensive:

It seems that this issue is persistent in iOS 16, even in Lockdown Mode:
iOS 16 VPN Tunnels Leak Data, Even When Lockdown Mode Is Enabled