AI password cracking test

To keep your passwords safe, you should:

  • Make your passwords 18 characters long where possible.
  • Keep them unique and embrace chaos (multiple unrelated words, lowercase and uppercase letters, symbols, and numbers).
  • Do not share them with anyone else.
  • Don’t base your passwords on personal information (and remove your name from data brokers).
  • Enable multi-factor authentication.

To summarize, use a password manager and 2FA everywhere possible. And for stuff that you must remember like your master key don’t use a password but instead opt for a strong passphrase.

A good passphrase should be 6-8 seemingly random words but choose in such a way that makes it easy to memorize and recall. An example of a good passphrase you be something like this, “Green Individuals Require Constant Maintenance Inside Out”.

When it come to passphrases size is what matters. Don’t bother with doing stuff like replacing characters with symbols and numbers. You are gonna forget where the special characters go, I guarantee you. As long us you choose something that is long enough it’s gonna take centuries to brute force.