After months of lurking, I am making a post

Hullo there! I am Dragon. aka DT09 aka Dragontamer09.

Just wanted to introduce myself. I’ve been on this forum since day one, but never really felt like posting anything. I also just wanna say I’m glad to be a part of this community despite not interacting much. I’ve learned a lot about digital privacy here and in the techlore matrix space(rip), and I hope to learn a lot more in the coming months.

Thank you for reading this dumb post. DT09 out.


Hi Dragon I barely talk as well and have only recently created an account to learn more. Videos on the internet can only teach you so much. Privacy is a process as always there is never a shortage of things to learn.

Welcome to the community! Whether you’re engaging or learning, it’s all good. :slight_smile:

Yeah, i found privacy trends evolve as do expolit trends. I foumd techlore 8 months ago, thank God… plus hated one’s input has been a good counterpoint. Bruce Schnierer’s blog has been useful… though i found techlore’s community and Henry’s approach, to be thoroughly informed and able to give truthful appeal as to why or why not a given resource, recommendation, or why and what a recent analysis change of a user case is based upon.

My user case modeling changes and evolves as the rapidly changing privavy/exploit environment does. And it is fast i found. (The expolit and privacy trends) Yet, some solutions are simple. Like if one is willing foregoes convenience, one can live phone-less & computerless, yet not homeless. I too, share the vision and approach Henry takes here… so i too look fwd to the adaptation process and how this community evolves