Advice on using airport's wifi in Europe?

I’ll be spending some time in Airports in different countries in Europe soon. In the past I always avoided using airport’s wifi because I had what I needed on me (books, movies stored locally on my phone, music etc.) and didn’t need anything from the internet (and also because I’m not a big fan of public wifi). But now I’m a member of this forum and I thought I could ask the question to you guys and see what you think, what are your advice etc.

Device which will be used : android phone with GrapheneOS and no sim card in it/no data. VPN + NextDNS is already set up on it.

What I would like to do with internet access that I can’t do without : VoIP, Signal, getting latest news/Mastodon, watch latest PeerTube or LibreTube videos of channels I follow (Techlore being one of them), etc.

Usually those type of wifi connection will ask for some sort of identification (an email adress, flight number, etc.). One of my idea is to generate a new SimpleLogin email address before leaving so I could use it only for that.

As you can see I can live without internet access. But if you have good advice on the subject and can point me toward good things to do in airports to be able to get internet + still being privacy relevant then I will be happy to read that and learn. Thank you :slight_smile:

Also many times is not required at all (it’s written there with a small font) and you can just click the button and you’re connected. And even when it’s required there is usually no confirmation, so you can fill whatever you want.

Anyway, if you have to use the public WiFi, use VPN and you’re fine.

I’d also add, just try to avoid using the public Wi-Fi when possible. And don’t forget to use a datablocker before charging your phone with public USB ports.

Just enter garbage data for the email address and name. As long as the domain looks legit it will normally work. Example:

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I would discourage you from using these networks. It is really probably one of the most dangerous public networks you could connect to and everything you do on it will be monitored by god knows who.

I would really avoid having to use this.

In some European airports, they use wifi to track your movement within a building. Since they’re probably searching your butthole anyways, I don’t think it’s much of a concern if you’re using HTTPS and/or a VPN.