Advice on nvidia gpu drivers

im deciding between an rx 6700xt and rtx 3070 rn. They are both pretty much the same price and I know that the rtx 3070 is stronger especially for what I do. I know that nvidia has some open source stuff now but its not like they open sourced everything and their best drivers are proprietary from what I know. Is getting an rtx 3070 and using nvidia proprietary stuff in fedora a privacy concern or not really.

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nvidia drivers are a problem on Linux. even more so on fedora as it uses wayland instead of x11 as display protocol.

nVidia drivers dont have good wayland support.

If you buy hardware with linux in mind you dont get nvidia, go with AMD as the GPU then just works. with nvidia you need to install the drivers and depending on distro it might not work right away and needs long troubleshoot sessions.

On Linux for GPUs: AMD >>>> nvidia
On windows for GPUs: nvidia > AMD

also about the open source stuff from nvidia: thats not used yet in their drivers. it will take at least 1-2 years until that can be used.

I am using a AMD rx5700xt myself on linux and never had any issues. yesterday I switched from x11 to wayland to get my Monitor work better in 144Hz and the GPU made no trouble. (I had different problems but that was just some settings in Programs that needed to be changed)

I hope that helps. also if you want to game on Linux: The Gaming on Linux community is awesome and they also help a lot with troubleshooting :slight_smile:


i have managed to convince my dad to up the budget from $500 to $700. In my state there is back to school no sales tax, the $500 nvidia gpu is out of stock and it would cost $550 to get it now and no tax thing is ending. So basically I was able to convince him to get me a 6900xt. Thanks for pushing me to go amd!

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