Advice on good books to read

I am going on a trip and my flight is 10 hour long. I was wondering if anyone has good advice on what I should read.

I learned basics of Python while reading a book on a plane about it to look cool and making it seem like I was doing something sick on my computer. So perhaps a book about those things? Can’t recommend a specific book, though. Also, the tag may not be correct (I don’t know what tags exist), so mayhaps check that.

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These are books recommended by Carey Parker of the Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons podcast. Techlore did an interview with him recently and I’ve been listening to his podcast so I imagine they’re good.


He’s also got his own book if you want to check that out.
Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons (4th Edition)

Source: Resources - Firewalls Don't Stop Dragons


Yeah I’m going to get that same book, saw thecl interview and he seems ok to me.

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I am reading Privacy is power currently, really interesting. Also about tech I would recomend The big nine. And if you want some fiction go for 11/22/63

Currently working on Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff. It’s a good 10 hour flight book, something like 500 pages of content before all the notes and indices.


It gets refered a lor on Privacy is power, might be my next read.

The Book of Exodus.
It will make your trip seem short.

1984 is a good book.
It’s more philosopical than some of the other ones recommended here but I think that it’s a scary prediction of our future.

Also: thanks to all the other people who shared their books, gonna read some of them. c:

Currently reading a free book, no reason not to give it a download.