AdGuard DNS Privacy

How is the privacy of AdGuard DNS? Do they log you, use your browsing habits for advertisements, or give your data to any third parties? Is their privacy policy as good as the privacy of Quad9 DNS?

They are both privacy-first companies, and I don’t think there is any reason to believe they are not truthful in their privacy policy.

They both log some data that isn’t user identifiable, which is need for statistics.

The more feature rich platform that AdGuard offers has a larger attack surface, and they have been compromised before, which resulted in user credentials being exposed.

Quad9’s more simple approach is more secure for anyone who just needs a DNS.

Does Adguard block the same trackers that an extension like Privacy Badger blocks? If so, then I don’t need it, I’ll just stick to Quad9 instead.

I would just use uBlock.

I don’t think there is any way around using an ad blocker in the browser, it’s the only way to disable in-page block filters. If you are running uBo there is no need to use AdGuard or Privacy Badger, they all pretty much do the same thing.

The only real argument I see for using AdGuard is that it protects smart devices that can’t use browser extensions, so if you have a lot of smart devices or IOT devices, it might still be a good idea to use AdGuard even if you are running uBo in the browser.

I plan to give this a whirl on a local Pi.