Adding Onion Address

I think having the forum mirrored to an onion address would suit this website perfectly.


This is a great idea! Although seeing one of the reasons Henry had to kill the matrix server and leave the discord one up is spreading privacy to people who are just starting maybe they won’t.

On the other hand it encourages the use of TOR just for the sake of privacy. Not because you want to do something illegal. And that is very important.

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I’m not saying that they should remove the clearnet version but having it mirrored would definitely aid some people’s threat models and it would even normalize the Tor Network.

I agree with you. I feel normalizing the Tor Network is really important. But I feel that mirroring the forums on a .onion is a similar things to the discord-matrix bridge we used to have, so they can use the same reasoning to not mirror the site.

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Onion services exist in order to provide anonymity. Since your onion domain name is ed25519 keys in a local directory, hosting it on anything but a device you have access to can be counted as compromised. If the onion site was to be hosted on the same server as the clearnet discourse, there is no point in doing so because… there is no anonymity to be provided. Hosting onions may have network wise performance benefits, but it is not needed on a forum when you can run Invidious videos through Tor without buffering.


Having an onion address wouldn’t affect newbloods here and it would probably help others with need of more privacy. It would be pretty cool to have one.

Didn’t Henry say that the matrix community was just too hard to moderate (correct me if i’m wrong)? An onion link would lead to the same comunnity.

You can already make new accounts with a different alias, so that wouldn’t be a problem caused by tor

Not required tbh. It’s just a forum mate no journalist or someone with high threat model is pitching into the convo nor is something of high importance talked in these areas that the government would possibly try and censor.

Yeah, I didn’t intend to say that an onion forum woukd be hard to moderate, i meant that it would be tge same as the forum we are on. So i am in support of an onion address.

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