Adblocking on GrapheneOS

Any suggestions how to use a private adblocker on GrapheneOS?

On Surveillance Report 93 uBlock Origin was recommended but I don’t see a way to add this to the built in browser.

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I second this, it’s really annoying

Using Bromite or Brave might be a viable option if you really want adblocking.

To be noted that blocking ads might make you stand out and harm your privacy. Also data can be exfiltrated by malicious filter lists in case of a vulnerability in any adblocker so this may be a security issue.


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I would try using a custom dns server (such as nextdns) that would have ad-blocking filters.


Yeah, this is probably better for security of the browser as the extension would never have to be installed in the first place thus minimizing the risk of a malicious extension modifying the DOM to steal data.