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No, it is not “basically SearXNG with an account.” They use their own web crawler and offer their own set of unique and useful features not found in other alternatives. Unlike a free Searx instance, they actually have a business model that aligns with providing a privacy respecting service.

Most people don’t have a threat model that would prohibit them from using such a service. Just like with any search engine, you have to put trust in the operator’s claims. Kagi’s promises [1, 2] are strong and transparent, which is enough for me to personally trust and recommend their service.


This is a privacy-company filled with tinfoils, they ain’t using it either way just because it has a email and password, I know what is, I got it for AI result testing. But i am going to delete it too many accounts i got to manage it and i am a minimalist. SearX is old, SearXNG is the modern and new one… All the results your finding i can find using SearXNG lol with no email/password needed!


In what way is the below “filled with tinfoils”?

“Free” search engines have two ways to make money—get more users or sell more ads per user. The easiest, fastest way is to mine more data to sell ads more effectively. Many search-engine companies have buckled under investor pressure, leading us to the online privacy issues we have today.

Paid models like Kagi only make money when users pay us, and users only pay when they receive great value. We offer superior result quality, features, speed, and—of course—privacy. If we compromise on any of these points, we lose users. Therefore, we have to offer a better product that includes the best possible privacy.

Sounds very sane to me.

This just sounds like you were abusing their free tier.

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Nope, not having useless accounts collecting dust.


Hello, just to remind you of alternative.

I am founder of PriEco
It is a privacy respecting, eco-friendly and open source search engine with minimum JavaScript. It gets results from Google and images from Bing but also has own index.

I have posted here about it PriEco: New open source web search engine

At this time it is ad-free, but also without revenue. When I add sponsored results, instantly add “premium” with as private way to pay as possible.

Feel free to try it out and if you have any further questions, feel free to ask.


I forgot about Leta, but an option for Mullvad users


Whooaaa I didn’t know Leta was ad-free. Google Search but ad-free sounds like the zone.

You could use Brave Search with an ad blocker. (By the way, if you use Brave browser, their ad blocker doesn’t block their ads.)

1 Like is also an alternative to Leta.

Leta is also a Google Proxy. This is why I mentioned Startpage. You already mentioned those two.

Startpage has ads unless I’m missing something.

Yeah I kinda missed the memo there lol

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I have Linux desktop. Brave browser, Brave search and Portmaster (firewall) in combination eliminate almost all ads.

it does, you just need to set shields to ‘aggressive’


Thanks for correction.

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Note that Kagi just update their pricing in a very positive way. You now have to pay $10 instead of $25 to get unlimited searches. I am using it for a few months now and I really like the search engine. Clean, customizable and good search results. Also, their AI features (quick answers and universal summarizer) are reallyuseful.

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Why is kagi btw not listed on Techlore their website? They have a very decent privacy policy

If you like google search results try Whoogle

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I’m using Brave Search on Firefox with uBlock Origin and I’ve never seen an ad or sponsored link yet.