Accessing Android phones from a PC

Saving old phones might be interesting because your cheap :slight_smile: They are also useful for isolating activities recently I had to use Google Play to purchase a MySudo phone number for an example.
Well I got a phone Samsung S8 boot loader locked. with a bad screen. When you plug in HDMI out you can still touch control the screen. If you had a phone Hub with KBM you could make this work. All I had was a USB C to HDMI adapter by Anker (fan boy).
I installed DroidVNC-NG using the Google Play installer. Connected the phone and blindly gave a few permissions and a password and press start. Default to start after reboot. I have not rebooted but you or even I might need to give screen sharing permission. Check out a guide to using ADB to turn this off using newer than Android 10. You get the kinda laggy use the on screen keyboard experience. There is a better way
I would set this up on my regular phone for just logging into my phone when I am too lazy to go get it!
A faster more desktop experience can be set up with not much more than USB Debugging turned on. No app installed on your phone. My use with just a USB cable has been great. Check it out Scrcpy.