About what car privacy and security matters should we be aware?

For a very long time, car have had on-board computer. It play now a big role in assisting the driver, giving him extra-information as well as performing automatically certain tasks.

Today, the data produce by this computer are share to the producer but not all car aren’t connected to the internet so how is this done ? About what car privacy and security matters should we be aware ?
I don’t know much about car but the few on-board computer I had the occasion with didn’t offer much of parameter that could help managing our data transmission and protection.

This privacy threat dates back to the early 90’s, with .gov and mfg. Working together. I will add a recent Act which is pushing millions into this.

I think this is a 90 million USD project in one of 78 US cities. Amazon and many others are involved.

The SMART program will fund purpose-driven innovation and focus on building data and technology capacity and expertise. The Program seeks proposals from public sector entities that will carry out demonstration projects in the following domains to address key transportation priorities:

  • Vehicle technology, like automation and connectivity
  • Systems innovation, like delivery and logistics, traffic signals, smart grid, and data integration
  • And new ways to monitor and manage infrastructure, like sensors and UAS.

The ATTAIN NOFO can also be found at www.grants.gov.

The SMART Notice of Funding (NOFO) is open now and can be found at Search Grants | GRANTS.GOV